In front of Hotel Nava Real in Navacerrada, close to Madrid. From top left: Kjetil, Ellen, Kirsten and Tone. From bottom left: Per-Dag, Tore and Olaug.

Jaime from "Away from the crowds" follow with this car from place to place, from Leon to Santiago. But first transfers from the airport in Madrid to the hotel in Navacerrada, and finaly to Leon.

The Cathedral de Santa Maria in Leon was fantastic.

In the "Alberge" where the Pilgrim's Passport was given to us.

Holy week in Leon with the solemn official procession of the Holy Burial.

Bautyful decorated with fresh flowers.

At last "La Soledad".

The Norwegian Vikings are ready to cycle the Camino, from Leon to Astorga the first day.

And when we came to San Marcos, Per Dag broke the chain on his bike, so we had a break to repair it.

It was a fine opportunity for Tone and Olaug for to have a sight of the San Marcos.

Tone had a dream about cycling on the camino, and no it's reality.

Per Dag and Olaug on the camino. The weather was perfect.

The sign we followed was a shell and yellow arrows.

The bridge at Hospital de Órbigo.

Tore with one of the pilgrims we meet, he's a Spanish teacher. He walked the camino a whole year, he told us a sad story with a happy end.

Kirsten and Michael, a pilgrim from Sweden. Told us about his inventions for outdoor life.

And a pilgrim from Belgium wandered "the reverse way".

The Pilgrims left their burden on the way to Santiago de Compostela, here as a reflection of themselves. Olaug poses next to it.

Kjetil and Tone in front of a St. Jacobs Cross.

Antonio Gaudi's palace in Astorga.

Day two, in front of "Hostal Gallego" almost ready for to start. Tore, Olaug, Per Dag, Ellen and Kjetil.

Jaime repair Kirsten's bicycle.

Sign along the Camino.

And sometimes like this.

Kirsten and Tore when we have a stop for lunch in Rabanel de Camino.

After a lot of climbing, a photo of the group in front of "Montes de León"

We passed the highest point on the camino, La Cruz de Ferro, 1504 m. It was cold wind with rain, hail and snow.

After some steep down-hills in El Acebo.

Per Dag run the downhills without chain on his bicycle.

The old castle in Ponferrada

From The old town.

A monument in front of the church in the old town.

One of the gates into the old town.

A procession in Ponferrada

Day three, Jaime give us water and packed lunch.

Kjetil in front of Hostal San Miguel.

From the dinner at Bar de Luis in O'Cebreiro after a hard day.

Everybody are ready for takeoff at the fourth day, from O'Cebreiro to Sarria.

Hospederia Valiña i O'Cebreiro.

"Pallozas"-house in O'Cebreiro.

The old church.

Mountains of Galicia.

Some pilgrims we meet on the top.

Misty village

People we meet on the camino, from countries all over the world.

It was plenty of downhills from O'Cebreiro to Sarria. And a lot of pollen.

In front of The monastery of Samos.

It's one of the oldest monasteries in Spain.

From the six'th century

Tore and "The Argentinian girl and her dog".

Through a green, green Galicia.

The church in Sarria.

A procession in front of the church.

Sarria early next morning, from the hotel-window.

Some climbings and downhills too.

After the town we followed the Camino, through a forest with some small climbing up to the hill.

Kjetil find a direction to something.

But yellow arrows and shells are the signs we have to follow on this road. Tone study the map.

We found Kirsten in a bar, drinking one of this giant cups of Spanish Coffee.

This downhill looks more like a river than a camino.

And some steep downhills before we came to Portomarin.

A family on the camino.

Maybe some octopus for lunch?

It's looks like plastic...

...but it was really delicious and tasteful.

...and Kirsten eat some Norwegian bacalao.

..and Olaug some grilled Spanish sausages.

This fifth day on the camino started with nice and dry weather, and after lunch with a lot of rain.

Next morning in Palas de Rei and Pension Bar Plaza.

After another rainful day, in front of the monument for the pilgrims. The sun give us a fine end at the last kilometres into the city.

At last in Santiago de Compostela.

"There are no holy places and no holy people, only holy moments".

Per Dag after the last 70km on bicycle from Palas de Rei, finaly in Santiago.

Per Dag, Tone and Kjetil in front of the Cathedral, after cycling on the camino from Leon to Santiago.

The Cathedral of St.Jacob.

Tore Nearland from "Bike for Peace", Olaug and Kirsten, wandered the last 25 km into Santiago de Compostela.

Olaug, Tore and Kirsten in front of the Cathedral of St.Jacobs.

When we got the "Compostela" certificate in the Pilgrims office at the Cathedral.

Some photos from inside of the Cathedral.

From the last dinner in Navacerrada.

 Photos from Easter 2009 on the Camino de Santiago
with Bike for Peace

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