Fotoalbum 2008

After two days in travel from Norway, we parked our car in Bov, close by the German border. And cycled to the railway station , to travel by train to Luxembourg.

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg Gronn

House built up to the rock

Roadrace in Hesperange


Close by Remich

Remich seen from the German side of the river Moselle.

Moselle Grapes

We were cycling by the German side, by the banks of the river Moselle.


Tone in front of the village Wormeldange.

Hotel & Restaurant Goedert, a nice small hotel in Mertert and with a fantastic gourmet restaurant.

Wasserbillig is a small town by the German border, where the River Sûre flows into the River Moselle.

The River Sûre

The Sûre Valley

Rest in the valley

Echternach is known for its dancing procession, unique in the world, which on Whit Tuesday attracts thousands of pilgrims and the curious, for the Crypt in the Basilica of St. Willibrord.

The River Our is a popular place for canoeing, kayaking, mountain-biking and sports of all sorts.

From the charming Our Valley close to Bettel.

Camping de l'Our in Vianden

Vianden is located at the heart of the River Our. The town is a renowned tourist destination.

At the foot of the Castle, which dates back to the 11th century and was the seat of the Counts of Vianden.

When we are climbing up the hills we can see the view up to the Castle and down to the old Church in the Valley.

The village of Bivels

After a steep climb in the Ardennes, we came to a small village called Putscheid.

The view over the Hightland in Luxembourg Ardennes

...and down to the valley

Hôtel Beau Sèjour in the town of Wiltz, in the north-west of Luxembourg.

From Wiltz begins the Rando Velo-R6 over the border to Belgium.

We followed a old railway with tunnels called "Tussen Tunnels". It's a scenic and peaceful route.

And a fine place for picnik.

When we came to Belgium, we followed the signs to Bastogne.

...and the weather changed to be more rainy with showers.

In front of Hotel du Midi in La Roche-en-Ardenne. A cycle-friendly hotel, in this beatiful little town in the Belgium Ardennes.

The river Ourthe flows through the town and with steep hills on both sides. Next day we are ready for plenty of "up and downs".

An old castle build up from the 8th century, on the top of a cliff in middle of the town, finish 400 years later.

Rough in the Ardennes

Undulating landscape of the Ardennes.



Rocks and caves by the river Ourthe


Scenic picture of the river Ourthe


The river Ourthe flows together with the river Meuse.


The river Meuse flows into Netherland and are now called Maas

Almost in Netherland

Hotel Maison du Chêne, Maastricht

The signs we followed in Netherland

Landscape along the river Maas

Bad weather is coming with rain and thunder

Sluice in the Juliana-canal

Bed & Breakfast

We met some Dutchmen here, wandered the from north to south, one stage every weekend.


Beatiful landscape

Tone in front of a rose plantation.

Maashotel-Cusine de la Meuse

Outside terrace with view against the river Maas

First day off, without cycling. Went by train from Nijmegen to Amsterdam.

Canal-tour in Amsterdam. A fantastic experience.

Relaxing sight-seeing

Along the canals around the city Amsterdam

A historic town

"King Neptun" on the city square Dam

The Kings Palace in the Dam

Another famous building with waxworks, Madame Tussauds.

The Monument "De witte pik", in honor for fallen people in the 2th world war.

In front of Anne Frank's house

Kjetil found a friend in Amsterdam

City Park Hotel in Nijmegen

The City square in the old town Nijmegen

Some ferries

...ready for to follow the cycle-path again

Swan-family close to our camp in Camping Jachthafen "De Mars"

Cycel-path in Netherland, for sheep and cyclists.

Corn field

Typical Holland landscape

Straight lines along the bicycle route.


The river Ijssel

Hansa town Zutphen

By boat across the river.

Windmill with a saw.


...and Deventer

Freighter on the banks of Ijssel, many live on their boats.

Windmill on the river Vecht.

Breakfast in Dalfsen

Bicycle-path was paved and nice to ride.

Idyllically on the river Vecht.

...another windmill

A castle, we passed.

Typical farm buildings in the area.

By Ommen

Windmill by Ommen.

Old building way, tracery

Pur Hotel, Emlichheim

Alternative routes.

Still on the river Vecht.

In Neuenhaus we are back on the Vechtetalroute.

Watermill by Neuenhaus.

Hotel Am Stadtring

Church Tower in Nordhorn.

The Ems-Dortmund Canal.

Tedious to cycle along the canal, nothing to see..

Camping Meppen

The old City Hall in Meppen.

A nice little town.


This old church in Meppen is from year 1462.

Details on the church.

Hunting Castle in Clemenswerth

Hotel Schlömer in Cloppenburg

On narrow paths along the"Geest Radweg"

Here was a good signage of bicycle-routes.

Along the river Weser on the way to Bremen.

The second day off in Bremen. Kjetil in front of the old Town Hall in Bremen.

Roland statue

"Bremer Stadtmusikanten" is well-known fairy tale characters from Bremen.

"Bremen Rathaus-keller", here are all wines from all over Germany stored in a cellar in the old Town Hall.

Cruise-boat at the Weser.

Boat trip on the river Weser.


St. Petri Dom

Street sculpture

Tone in front of an old windmill at Am Wall

Intercity Hotel Bremen

On the road again, along the river Wümme

The pavilion at our campsite at Camping Sonnenkamp i Zeven, was good to have the night before when it rained a lot.

We saw many half-timbered buildings such as this, between Bremen and Hamburg.

The landscape like it was along the cycle paths.

We also found alternative routes in some places.

A bridal Procession, we met in Wildpark Schwarze Berge in Hamburg.

Alte Harburger Elbbrücke

The third day off without cycling, in Hamburg.

The old Town Hall in Hamburg, was great and wonderful.

The Town Hall Square.


On a boat trip through Hamburg from the "Binnen-Alster" to the harbor at Elbe.

Here is the boat we went with.

Pictures from the area in front of the Town Hall.

The boat we went on the Alster-cruise with.


Cruise-festival at Town Hall Square, "Rathausmarkt".

Favorite Restaurant in Hamburg, Block House.

On the way out of town through "Hamburg Altstadt".

Landing pier at the cruise harbor.

We followed the "Elberadweg" to Wedel. But Hamburg were not suitable for cyclists, poorly marked cycle-paths, before, in and out of town.

Roland statue in Wedel.

We looked for a while in Wedel, before we found the "Oxway", the cycle-route we should follow to Denmark.

Hotel Happy i Bad Bramstedt

Roland statue in Bad Bramstedt.

Gate House from the old Bramstedt Castle. It was not easier to find the way out of Bad Bramstedt.

The old Town Hall in Neumünster.

Still in Neumünster.

Slightly better signs here...but the cycle-paths was awful.

The last lodging place in Germany, Hotel Wikingerhof in Kropp. The last day there was heavy rain, and we really struggled with finding this miserable cycle-paths. Therefore, we chose to follow alternative routes we found on the map.

It was a good feeling to get back to Bov Kro in Denmark, where our car was safely parked nearly a month.

Cycling Europe -
22 days on bicycle from July to August 2008.
Luxembourg - Belgium - Netherland - Germany - Denmark

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